Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First day of Spring 2013

It's hard to believe this is the first day of Spring.  So much has happened.

My friend, Linda New, died about 6 months ago.  Her husband, Dana, died about a month ago.  Yet life goes on.  Sometimes it's hard to wrap ones head around things that happen and so many "if onlys" seem to pop into your mind.  Oh, if only........

I had a pretty nasty fall about 2 1/2 months ago and am still suffering with my back because of it.  My sister fell about 2 months ago and is still having fits with her ribs.  We're a couple of wrecks!

Yesterday I took 2 of Arby's new Ruben sandwiches to my sister's house in Tallahassee and we stuffed our faces and moaned and groaned about our aches and pains.  It's good we were alone, a third person would have either made fun of us or have been very unhappy being there, or both!

Nothing really newsworthy to report, just felt the need to post something.

Thursday, September 27, 2012


A friend and neighbor of my in Orlando was diagnosed with brain cancer this past spring.  I found out yesterday that even after chemo and  radiation she now has only a matter of days/hours left.  She's in a coma and probably will not wake from it.  RIP Linda New.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stormy, stormy night

We had a storm and a half last night.  Major lighting and wind!  The power went out twice...once for about 2 hours and later for about half an hour.  It's still raining now, just not storming.

When I went out to get the newspaper a while ago I found the front yard covered with moss and small limbs from the pecan trees.  I got all of the big stuff up and out to the curb, I figure the little stuff makes it look more like Fall!

A couple or three weeks ago I hurt my left shoulder, not sure exactly which activity did it, or if it was a combination of everything...I turned my mattress, pruned some trees and shrubs, carried a couple of cases of pet food as well as a couple of heavy bags of dry pet food, carried a couple of cases of water and took 5-6 heavy bags or magazines out for recycling as well as the normal day to day stuff.  Woke up the next morning almost unable to move.  Yesterday it was better, not gone, but better.  I'm sure it's just needing rest and time.  I keep forgetting that I'm not as young as I once was and there are probably some things I shouldn't do.  Dang!!

Tomorrow is my day to host bridge.  I had planned one menu, but didn't get to the store yesterday.  So, this morning I went through my pantry and freezer and came up with food...not what I planned, but it'll work.  I sure wish we would do the eating thing and the visiting thing without the bridge thing.  I'm such a poor player that it's almost painful!

The rain seems to have let up quite a bit.  Maybe I'll make a try for the grocery store!

Sunday, September 16, 2012


It has been so long since I last posted (9 months) that I've almost forgotten that I ever had anything to say.

A dear son-in-law has recently been diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer.  It has spread to his bones.  He'll be on chemo, radiation and harmone therapy.  He was in the hospital for 10 or 11 days and had countless test and finally surgery to partially remove one of several tumors on his spine.  This surgery has restored the use of his legs and he's now able to use a walker, and has been able to go home.  I think home and family is often one of the best healers.

I have a new kitten and a new tin roof.  They both are giving me great pleasure.

The horror going on in the mid-east has always had biblical overtones to me, but the current escalation seems to mirror the end times predictions of the Hopi, Di Vinci, the Bible, the Myan and many others. I pray for our Earth, our people and all living things.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Spring in January

Everybody's talking about it, but there's nothing we can do about it...the weather!  We are having spring-like weather here in North Florida in January!  Azaleas are blooming as are the Japanese magnolias and they are at least 2 months early!  March is notoriously a nasty month in this area and February speaks for it's self!  I'm not so worried about the blooms being killed back with our next hard freeze, but I'm a bit worried about the plants themselves!  Actually it is rather pretty having these blooms to offset the grey, barren winter landscape!

I voted this past Wednesday.  I got a sticker and I'm thinking that's probably the best thing I'll get from this election.  I'm not crazy about any of the candidates and I just having to choose from among them, but I feel an obligation to vote.  This is a right women, not so long ago, fought to win and I think every woman (actually, everyone!) needs to exercise this right to vote!

Yesterday I hosted bridge here.  We were to meet here at 9:30am, but my sister over slept and was 1/2 an hour late.  So we didn't break up until almost 3pm!  I made a breakfast casserole, fruit and savory monkey turned out quite nicely!  A friend of mine made us a key lime pie for dessert and it was wonderful!  So we ate, played bridge and visited for hours and had a great time!

Shirley's doing very well!  She's seizure-free so far (still meds 2x a day), but she has really become a chow hound!  I've actually seen her bully Jazzy away from her breakfast bowl several times and try to eat it herself.  The only thing that stopped her was removing the bowl and giving it to Jazzy later.  There's no telling how many times I missed her doing that!  Her hips are another matter.  They go out at least once a day, but often several time a day.  I'm sure her weight doesn't help with the hips.  At least my hips are okay, but if this weight keeps piling on they might start going out!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside!!!

The weather is really being quite odd.  One day I can keep the back door open until dark, the next the temp is in the teens!  Luckily for me, I dress in layers year I can add more when needed.  The animals aren't quite so lucky.

This morning it's cold!  All of the cats and both of the dogs slept with me last night.  I woke up at one point sweating!  They had all piled on top of me!  Smokey & Bandi act like they are trapped when the back door is closed & they're they're out now at 5:15am...I'm going to have to invite them back in soon.

You know, I guess this is why I'm not posting much lately...not much to say.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Again, some this and that!

2012 is a week old today.  As with many week-old things it's much too early to know how it will turn out, but I do feel comfort knowing that it has a pretty good chance of being a very good year.

I'm hoping to take advantage of this mild weather to get some yard work done today.  Just a few days ago the temp. was in the teens and today is beginning with temps. in the 50s!  That cold splash killed back many of the annuals that had  hung around long past their normal time and it's looking pretty ratty outside!  The Chinese Lantern vine on the fence was still quite pretty last week but is all brown & crumbly now and MUST come down!  The vinca, elephant ears and angel trumpet all have to be cut do all of the crape myrtles.

I was doing a little weeding last week and something bit me on one of my fingers.  It had two little puncture places about a quarter of an inch apart...I figure it was either a large spider or a small snake.  The finger was angry for a couple of days, but nothing else.  It's fine now, but the marks are still there!

Okay, there's something I must get off my chest.  For Christmas I sent my three oldest children and their families packages...granted, they might not have wanted or needed anything I sent, but I did spend a great deal of thought putting those packages together.  Both Rosie and Terri  (and their children) quickly responded, but I didn't hear from the two youngest.  I sent a check to Beth and she did cash it, but that's the only way I know she got it.  Besides not hearing from the two younger children, I didn't receive anything at all from them, not a card or call or e-mail...not anything.  There. I don't feel particularly better, but it's off my chest.

Shirley's seizures seem to have stabilized.  She's on phenobarbitol twice a day (I can almost set a clock by her...she comes and gets me when it's time for her pill!) and has been for three months now.  Dr. Spencer said it might take a while for it to get in her system properly and at first I didn't think it was working, but she has been seizure-free for about three weeks now and seems more "with it"!  I just say to her that it's time for her pill and she lays down on her back and waits for it.  She has become very sly and has been known to get the pill between her gum and cheek and spit it out later, so I watch her like a hawk for a while after poking the pill down her gullet!  The other day I saw a piece on the floor right beside her, so I picked it up and prepared to shove it down her throat.  It felt a little funny so I put on my glasses to check it was a piece of styrofoam!!!  Makes me wonder how many doses of styrofoam she's had! So maybe it isn't the phenobarbitol, but the styrofoam  that's making her better!  Her hips are another matter.  When she first started the medication she'd jump up in the easy chair by the back door for her pill but she misjudged one morning and fell pretty hard.  She injured her left hip several years ago when she jumped from a high bed and this fall from the chair injured her right hip.  Some days she seems just fine, but there are days when one or both will go out and she's just pitiful to watch.  If it's just one hip she'll hobble around with the bad leg tucked up to her stomach, but if both go out she can't do anything.  I carry her outside and lift her up to the bed or my chair or wherever she needs/wants to be...but that's taking quite a toll on my back.  So, the other day I tried to rig a ramp on the back steps with a piece of plywood, but that was a total fiasco.  Not only would the dogs not use it, but as soon as Bandi (the smallest of cats) stepped on it it fell!  I really need to have a real ramp built...wonder how much that's going to cost?  I'm still doing damage control with Bandi...not only is she a very small cat, but a very skittish cat to boot!  She is now afraid of the back steps and has a hard time getting in to the house!  She hasn't missed a meal yet and I feel sure she'll recover!

The 21st of next month marks a year since Stewball Achley and Goodness died.

I seldom make New Year's resolutions because I seldom keep them and I'll spend too much time kicking myself and feeling worthless, etc.  But, this year there is one thing I'm going to try to do...I'm going to try to update this blog more often.  We'll see.......